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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

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Meet the Evil Eye

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I bought this evil eye back from Turkey.Evil Eye - First recorded by the Mesopotamians about 5,000 years ago in cuneiform on clay tablets, the Evil Eye may actually have originated as early as the Upper Paleolithic age.

I traveled to Turkey during a business trip early this year. The weather at Istanbul is still very cold at that time.

When I started to venture into bead trading business, I have read a lot about “Nazar Boncuk” from Turkey a very long time ago. However I could not find one in Malaysia or any countries nearby.

This is a typical item, a specialty of this region that you should take home as a souvenir. I finally have a chance to visit the country that produces this special eyed stone. The entire trip became very exciting!

According to the Turkish, Nazar Boncuk is the Little Magic Stone that protects one from the ”Evil Eye”. The force of the evil eye (or Nazar) is a widely accepted and feared random element in Turkish daily life. The word “Nazar” denotes seeing or looking and is often used in literally translated phrases such as "Nazar touched her," in reference to a young woman, for example, who mysteriously goes blind. Nearly every Turkish mother fixes with a safety pin this small amulet on the child's clothes. Once this amulet is found cracked, it means it has protected the baby and immediately a new one has to replace it.

You can find this amulet from many places in Turkey. As a tourist, you should visit Grand Bazaar at Nuruosmaniye. There are thousands of things you can find and purchase in the Grand Bazaar. The evil eye can be found easily here. It comes in many colors. One of the local people told me that only the blue color one is original. Other colors are not effective.
Here are the evil eye items that I brought back from Turkey.

No long ago, a customer from Peru visited my retail store at Gurney Plaza, Penang. She saw the Nazar Boncuk that I left unattended. She told me I should hang the Evil Eye with red string at the top of the door frame. This will help me ward off evil and bad luck.

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By the way, I was staying at Polat Renaissance Hotel. It is a very nice hotel with excellent sea view.

The picture of Polat Renaissance Hotel taken from seaside.
There is a evil eye hanging at the top of door frame in the hotel.Another part of the hotel.
Seaview pictures taken from my hotel room.
There is a restaurant called Fener just next to the hotel. The manager is very friendly and very service orientated. The seafood is very fresh and tasty. So good that we visited this restaurant two times for dinner.
There are also many shopping malls and good restaurants around Istanbul. If you have the chance to visit Istanbul, do take your time to get good foods and go to good places in Turkey!